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Bloom and Beyond Studio was founded in early 2021 when Emily left her Marketing Manager role at an award-winning skin clinic to lay the foundations for her dream – helping health and aesthetics business owners flourish with their approach to Digital Marketing and build a loyal, engaged community using social media.

Emily understands that many businesses in the health, aesthetics and wellness sectors struggle to find marketing support that understands their industry, their services and their overall mission. She aims to bridge that gap, enabling business owners to focus on what they love (treating patients) whilst they can be confident that their marketing channels are being managed in capable (and knowledgeable) hands.

Before setting up her own business, Emily spent four years working in medical aesthetic clinics and has even been a CQC registered manager before she finally settled into sales and marketing. She has spent a lot of time talking to patients, analysing enquiries and understanding the psychology behind their quest into treatments which has enabled her to develop strategies that connect with potential customers, move them through the buyers journey and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Emily focuses on the simple fact that every business is unique, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. She offers bespoke services that focus on your individual business goals.

Whether you’d like to learn how to self-develop and implement strategies into your marketing approach or completely outsource your digital marketing so you can get back to running your business and doing what you love, consider Emily as your guide.

Better content for better brands.

What drives me?

I’m a passionate, positive, go-getter creative who is driven by building great brands through honest, valuable content.

I’m motivated by finding out what motivates you. I want to know why your business gets you out of bed in the morning; what gets you so passionate about your offering and what keeps you moving.

My mission is to find the purpose at the core of the business and reflect that consistently in every piece of marketing content.

I genuinely love getting to know my customers and creating strong relationships that continue to grow even after the job is complete – so prepare to become a life-long friend.

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