6 ways to build trust with your audience

Fostering relationships with your audience is key to creating genuine connections and a community that generates new leads, enquiries and ultimately, conversions. And it seems pretty straightforward, right? If people like you and trust what you have to say of course they’ll want to engage with your content and eventually invest in your offer.

But what’s less straightforward is the how. How do you actually build trust with your audience? How do you provide content that grabs their attention and hold it for long enough that they start to believe your product or service is worth their time and money?

Building trust online looks different for everyone depending on their personality, brand, and voice. However, there are a few strategies that every business can implement to help build a community of loyal and engaged followers.

Here are my top tips for nurturing your audience and building a solid foundation for social media success.

Tell a story with your content

We all have our own stories to share; it’s what makes us unique and so much more relatable to our audience. Stories show that there’s a real human behind the social media account and not just another business trying to make a sale.

Talk about journeys you’re overcoming, past obstacles you’ve faced, or big wins you’ve experienced. Share a funny story from the weekend, a photo with your pet or a meal in your favourite restaurant. Commit to showing up in your Instagram stories for at least a minute a day to share the raw and real pieces of your life. Don’t think too hard about what you’re going to say or what you look like; it’s more about showing up with honesty and intention than showing up perfectly.

Give value

Who do you want to attract to your content, and what do they want to know? What are their problems and pain points, and how can your expertise help them find a solution? 

For me, my ideal client is a mid-thirties to mid-forties woman. She’s an entrepreneur with big dreams and is busy growing her business. She may relate to me in my own entrepreneurial journey, or she may be showing up for marketing inspiration and advice. Whatever the reason is, I want to make sure that I’m serving her wholeheartedly.

To ensure I’m doing this, I need to make sure I’m addressing my ‘big’ topics frequently: a post about my business journey, an encouraging quote, or a digital marketing tip that addresses an area with which she’s currently struggling. Whatever it may be, it’s easy to use your core topics to create a general pattern of posts that ensure you’re reaching your audience fully.

Start by thinking about who follows you. What is it about your business that resonates with them? Are they looking for skincare tips? Are they looking to improve their health or wellness? Pick five general topics that you’re an expert on and think about how you can cycle through them in a way that gives value to your audience.

Show empathy

Connecting with others by putting yourself in their position is incredibly powerful for creating meaningful connections with others.

Share empathetic messages by addressing your audience’s most significant pain points. Show you can understand and feel for the obstacles and problems they face. This will position you as a compassionate person who is on their side and understands how they’re feeling – and nothing builds trust faster than that.

Always respond genuinely – take the time to learn about your audience to truly understand the emotions and problems they’re facing.

Show up and show your face

While it may seem daunting at first, showing your face on your social channels is the perfect way to connect with your audience. It lets people envision that they’re having a real conversation with you and helps them get to know your personality, sense of humour, challenges and quirks.

Be intentional about showing up in your stories and on your feed.

People connect with other people, so give your audience a face to get to know.

Interact and engage

Trust deepens when we feel heard and understood. Like our relationships in real life, they flourish when given individual care and attention. Give this to your audience by speaking and interacting with them one-to-one. Responding to comments and DMs will go a long way.

Pay attention to your words

Words matter and the words you use on your website, in emails, social media captions and every piece of copy you write carry your brand’s message in many ways. Ask yourself what message you want to communicate to your followers, clients, or customers to build trust. Do the words you write communicate that message accurately and well?

Be sure your copy is always communicating the underlying message and goal of your brand, whether that’s to encourage, inspire, educate or beyond. Having consistent messaging in your marketing will reassure your audience that they can turn to you for whatever it is you serve them with, so stay transparent and authentic in your content.

With intention and connection at the forefront of everything you do, you’re going to have a rockstar social media strategy in no time. Need more marketing help or advice? Check out my services to find out how we can work together.

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